I am a modern Celtic artist painting with acrylics on stretched canvas and driftwood collected from the shores of bonnie Scotland. 

During my 20's I began experimenting with acrylic paint, primarily abstract pieces, in which I developed my love of patterns and bold, vibrant colours. 
I have always admired the art of the Celts and in particular the Illuminated Manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells which is believed to have been created on the Isle of Iona, where I spent most of my holidays as a child. This and my own travels throughout Scotland, experiencing early celtic art work in its many different forms and the beautiful and varying landscape, has lead me to develop a deep artistic connection with these artists. 
In my 30's there has been a natural progression of my own innate style being inspired by celtic art and Scotland's beautiful landscapes. 
I feel proud to be able to develop this Celtic style in my own unique way.

My driftwood art has also developed organically. When walking by the sea and finding beautiful pieces of wood I realised this would be an interesting way of displaying my art. However this then progressed into the wood itself influencing what I would be painting due to the shape, textures and patterns inherent within the wood.