Alison Kinnaird's Unknown Installation

This is the first time I have seen anything by Alison Kinnaird and I was really impressed! This is being shown at Kirkcaldy Art Gallery and Museum until 8th January. 

I have also found this video on youtube which is fascinating

Alison Kinnaird has an international reputation as a visual artist and musician. One of the world's leading glass engravers, with work in public, royal and private collections throughout Europe, America and the Far East. The glass ranges from small intimate pieces, to architectural installations which incorporate light and colour.


After doing several more craft fairs and selling online it seems my driftwood art is very popular! I am so happy about this as I am really enjoying developing this side of my art. 

 It is a very enjoyable process, from the beach combing to the actual painting of the wood. It is the wood shape, size and markings that determine what I will paint on it. I have even started working on 3D pieces.

I look forward to focusing on this next year and producing many more new and exciting works at affordable prices.